Those challenging, labor-intensive jobs that others won’t do are our bread and butter. We pride ourselves on our ability to minimize risk in difficult situations and deliver a quality product time-after-time. How can we pull it off? Couple our determination with our skilled workforce, and we’ve got it covered when it comes to all types of concrete work, earthwork and underground utility work.




Formed, flatwork such as roadway replacements and repairs, slabs, sidewalks, foundations, equipment pits, truck docks, bridge work and barrier/filler walls. 



Trenching, excavation, backfill, site grading and balancing, aggregate bases and roads. 


Sanitary and storm sewer, water main and drainage structures. 



Full-service civil contractor

In order to streamline efficiencies and save on time and cost, many customers will leverage JJB’s full range of services. Self-performed work includes site preparation, earthwork, underground utilities, concrete foundations and flatwork, aggregate surfacing and site restoration. We are confident in our capabilities as a one-stop-shop for all our customer’s civil construction needs.

Live substation expertise and experience

Working in a live substation is a sensitive environment and a breeding ground for a number of unforeseen issues. At JJB, we’ve mastered the art of working in live substations by considering the complex safety issues, including maintaining proper clearances from live equipment, site specific Personal Protective Equipment, awareness of energized overhead and underground lines and working in small, confined areas.

Strong financial footing

We pride ourselves on being a financially stable company. With solid growth trends, a strong balance sheet and positive valuations, JJB is able to service any obligation. Working only with highly rated banking, surety and insurance firms, JJB is able to reach multiple markets and projects of varying sizes and complexity. Often exceeding industry standards when it comes to working capital, liquidity and gross profit margins, JJB prides itself on being a self-sustainable company.


I’ve had the privilege to work with the team at JJ Barney for more than 15 years as both a lender and surety underwriter. The JJ Barney management team has a strong commitment to long-term client relationships, which directly translates to a commitment of strong financial stability.
–Edward Longville, Vice President of Commercial Banking, Huntington Bank